Astra’s MHFA Instructor to receive MHFA England Champion 2013 Award

MHFA England Champion 2013 Awards

MHFA England Champion 2013 Awards presentation at the House of Lords

Congratulations to Peter Larkum, one of Astra Training and Consultancy’s MHFA Instructors for being awarded the prestigious MHFA England Champion 2013 Award!

The awards recognise those who have championed mental health wellbeing and helped increase public understanding of mental health issues in England. MHFA England Champions demonstrated exemplary leadership in increasing mental health literacy in their community in 2013, which includes for the first time this year the Armed Forces Community and the Workplace (Corporate) environment.

The nominations went through a vigorous selection process. The Award ceremony will take place at the House of Lords in February 2014.

That is right: training with Astra Training and Consultancy means being trained by the nationally awarded Instructors. Well done, Peter!

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