Introducing our brand new intensive course in people management

Attract, retain and manage a happy and motivated workforce.


At Astra, we are very excited to introduce a brand new intensive course about How to Keep your Staff Happy and Motivated.

This course is for anyone who is looking for solutions and ideas you can take back to your place of work and start using immediately. This series of workshop you will give you key concepts and ideas that will help you attract, retain and manage a happy and motivated workforce.

The intensive course draws from concepts from NLP, mindfulness and stress management theories. Highly recommended!

How to Keep Your Staff Happy and Motivated course includes:

  • 4 x 2 hours intensive coaching

  • Access to recordings to show colleagues and keep for life Automatic sign-up to Health & Wellbeing At Work Newsletter

  • Private Facebook group for access to facilitators and each other throughout the program.

If you’re really serious about taking your team and the results you can collectively produce to the next level, then this is the ideal next step.

As you’ll discover, the results you’ll get grow exponentially once the seeds are planted in the team culture, so the faster you can empower yourself and your colleagues, the sooner you’ll see the kind of results you want.

Check out some feedback from a free talk introducing the How to Keep Your Staff Happy and Motivated intensive course:

‘Thank you for inviting us to your event on Friday, we enjoyed it and got a lot out of it.’ Amy from Mare and Foal

‘Thanks so much for an interesting presentation. Both the Miracle Scale and the Banana Skin segments are really useful tools. It would be great to discuss how to use these two activities in practice.’ Amanda from South West (Devon, Dorset & Cornwall) Scope

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