Mindfulness Retreat

‘Room to Breathe’ Mindfulness Retreat

Book on a great day out which you can spend looking after your general and emotional health.

This wonderful Mindfulness Retreat runs from 10am until 3pm in a small group allowing you to take some time out to look after yourself, relax and learn new life skills.

What is going to happen on the day?

You will experience a range of mindfulness practices, either sitting or walking. Mindfulness is usually experienced through different practices by bringing our attention to breathing, movement or objects.

The course is very structured but runs in an informal supportive way. The mindful movement will be very slow and very gentle.

Practicing mindfulness during our day to day activities at or outside of work means simply putting a little bit of space in between the action and the reaction, improving our ability to concentrate and productivity.

What will I get on the day?

  1. An excellent Mindfulness practice with a qualified teacher
  2. Resources to practice at home: a memory stick with useful mindful meditations and exercises
  3. Life skills in everyday mindfulness to take away with you
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